Two Topics Office Owners Must Discuss With Their New Commercial Cleaners

If you're going to have an employee from a commercial cleaning business clean your office premises, here are two topics you should talk to them about before they begin.

Your Office’s Regularly Scheduled Meetings​

The first thing you must talk to this commercial cleaner about is your office's regularly scheduled meetings. If for example, you and your staff host a meeting every morning before the workday begins or a weekly review meeting every Friday afternoon, your cleaner will need to know about these.

The reason for this is that if they have no idea when your staff are in meetings, they may walk into the meeting rooms when they're occupied, to polish the tables or vacuum the floors. Likewise, without this information, they may use, for example, their noisy floor polisher on the floors directly outside the meeting rooms when these meetings are happening, which may lead to your staff being distracted and cause delays. 

By clearly communicating when your regularly-held meetings take place (and, if possible, contacting the cleaner to tell them if you need to have spontaneous meetings), the cleaner will know to stick with quieter cleaning tasks and not to enter these rooms at these times.

The Number of Times per Day You’d Like Them to Check and Empty the Small Bins by Your Employees’ Desks​

If like most offices, your employees have small bins by their desks for their rubbish, you should also specify how often you'd like the cleaner to check and empty these bins. For example, you might prefer the cleaner not to spend too much time hovering near these desks during the day, in case your staff find their presence distracting.

If this is the case, you might decide to tell them to only check and empty these bins once, at the end of the day, when most of them will be full, and instruct them not to go near these areas otherwise, until the office is empty and it's time for the cleaner to dust the desks or hoover the floors around them.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of these bins and your staff throw their food rubbish into them, and you're concerned that if they're allowed to fill up completely, the office might start to smell of old food, you might decide to have the cleaner check and empty these bins in the morning, the afternoon and the end of the day. 

For more info, contact a local commercial cleaning company.